About Us


“It’s kind of rebellious to be yourself”, Kate Moss

For 12 years we have been studying, consulting, designing and producing extraordinary weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and creative bashes ANYWHERE IN ITALY AND BEYOND making our clients’ experience different from that of the masses.

Think Venice, the island of Torcello, Panarea, Ponza, Salina, Capri, the Dolomites… passing through Florence, Rome, Amalfi, Sicily, Lake Como, Umbria, Puglia, the South of France, Morocco, Bali.. we have truly been everywhere.



We are an international team of eclectic, extravagant, dedicated, passionate, energetic EXPERTS in EVENT PRODUCTION, CREATIVE EXPERIENCES, UNIQUE TRENDS and EVERYTHING ITALIAN with an influence from remote inspirational places around the globe.

We adore our job to bits, are always on the look for cool trends, new talents, stylish locations and hidden jewels that we can’t wait to share with our clients.

Constantly travelling between London, Amsterdam, Bali, Italy and other similarly amazing spots in the world, we work with a suitcase in our hand and our phone in the other, struck by the beauty of life and by the importance of celebrating it.

The founders and creative directors, Clara & Eva, are obviously Italian. They head THE EVENT PRODUCTION AGENCY, TEACH, COACH, SPEAK, AND CONSULT IN STYLING FOR  PRIVATE PROPERTIES that want to make a statement in the world of private celebrations.


“I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists even if it’s in your mind”, John Lennon

Our sartorial agency was born more than 10 YEARS AGO and has since then PRODUCED HUNDREDS OF EVENTS in Italy, sometimes crossing its borders into other destinations.

It was launched with the aim of inspiring couples, venues and vendors in a country full of traditions but sometimes lazy towards progress, changes and new ideas.

We have discovered locations that were new to the wedding market and have
opened them up to this emotional world.

We have always looked at each space with fresh eyes and have sometimes fought against conventions and rules that were suffocating potentials and preventing personalisation.

This is our story, we are different. You either hate us or love us.