We organise intimate celebrations for 30 guests and large weddings for 500 guests.

We focus on creating emotional experiences and craft events with ambience of any kind, culture and tradition.

Our events can be classy and terribly formal or casual and funky… but never boring or depassé.
Think radical chic meeting gypsy, art décor with a contemporary touch, bucolic charm combined with Mediterranean sensuality, extravagant decadence flirting with Italian glam.

We can dress up deserted fields, spark up abandoned country houses or just enhance the beauty of already perfect spaces.

We are all about carefully studied DETAILS because we strongly believe that they represent today’s luxury. They are discovered slowly by guests, taking them through a journey of personalisation, kindness, uniqueness. Details can be simple, understated or blunt and daring, they are like a poem, talking to your intimate soul, leaving a mark in your mind and warming up your heart.