Weddding Palette

Weddding Palette

Helloo Spring!!! Since few weeks our Primavera has shown her presence by painting the italian landscape with uncountable happy blossoms and their incredible colors..

Colors are what set up our mood and that’s why choosing the right one at your wedding is an essential and significant step. To combine them or to stick on one is always the first choice to make.. and today I would focus on just “single color” events inspiration.

One color happenings are more and more in vogue around the world. The reason can be searched on the great visual impact and feeling that they provide. Having just a predominant color gives an exquisite result because doesn’t distract the eye and the whole picture looks very authentic and striking – especially on photos.

Dolomites Wedding

So which one should you choose? It’s hard to stick on one when there are so many beautiful shades around us. Your color arrangement for the wedding has the power to set the vibe – so select it wisely.

First you have to consider the color “psychology” and the meaning of them. Your choice tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality and an indication of how you imagine your future marriage will be.. Here some symbology color per color (we just focused on the positive meanings since you are choosing the color for a positive aim):

White: pureness, perfection

Black: power, elegance, security, importance

Blue: harmony, confidence, fidelity, peace

Violet: extravagant,

Green: nature, fertility, sensuality, tranquility

Red: passion, love, fire, life

Yellow: optimism, sensual love, light

Rose: delicate, eroticism, dream

Golden: happiness, beauty, sun/lion, luxury, divinity

Grey: secret

Second, before deciding about the color of your wedding, its important keep an open mind until you’ve chosen the venue; in fact the location may suggest the right one for you. Have a look at the colors used in your venue’s walls, carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the site has strong colors, you’ll need to select a color that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain one, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site but this needs to be sorted out very early on or you may miss out on a good location!

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Third, at the same time you have to consider which blossoms you will be using and in which season the marriage will take place. Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide, so let the natural colors of the season be your inspiration. My point here is not to stick on seasonal tonalities; but to make sure that the wedding colors you choose complement the blooms and foliage that are naturally available during that time of year.

Wedding Apulian tambourines

Then once you have considered those main points – you can spin around between reality and dream with the décor, the details, the lighting, the entertainment, the dressing code.. think about having your wedding with all the guests dressing up on a specific color!

Creativity is limitless and once you have make your choice you will be surprised on how just one color can make the difference and set the mood, the beauty and the unforgettable moments of you day.

Have fun!