How to style a wedding venue

How to style a wedding venue


A few tips on how to style a venue for your wedding. For most of us, the wedding day is a dream becoming true. Some have always been picturing it , and have a clear vision of how every single detail has to be. Other ones may have no clue until the proposal thrill goes from “wow!” to “…how?”!

But everyone wishes it to be “the Day”. Everyone wants it to be special, unique.  Everyone wants to share the magic with all beloved ones. Well, to make this happen, you have to let them jump in it with you, let them feel it, let them be part of “the thing”.

And here we are: as a dream, a fairytale, a movie…you need a scenery.  Beginning with the colour palette, the lighting to create the right atmosphere, the accessories and the table setting , ending with the small props..a mix of elements that will make it real and captivating. To create a one-day-bubble that reflects the couple’s personality and that nobody will ever forget.

Wedding Lighting


That’s why wedding installations can be so important. Whether you are opting for a huge restyling of a location, or even if your wedding is held in your own garden, installations can truly make the difference. A good designer can create the mood and the magic (and not to forget, at the same time also help to hide undesirable spots…) even with small details, and really use their creativity to change the location’s look.

I remember a wedding I attended, which was held in the bride’s countryhouse garden. I had been there many times, but that night – amazing!- it was totally different. Lights, flowers and fabrics completely transformed it. I felt as if I was thrown in a fairytale for one night, and the garden looked like a totally new, magic, unknown place.

Wedding lounge

It could be a vision in your head, your favourite colour, your personal fairytale, a movie you love, your passion/obsession, a specific mood or trend, an enchantment you want to create…. The effect is guaranteed.

And with the right help you and your guests could just close your eyes, step in, and open your eyes again in your own dream.

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