How to make a wedding fun

How to make a wedding fun

Wedding entertainment

Dancing has definitely its charm. Dancing is a silent elegant poetry, a performance where your body through rithm, music and movement reflects your inner soul. Indeed, I see the dance as the perfect medium able to express what it’s too deep to find into words. A tangible communication of passion, beauty and true feelings.. but also the best way to celebrate, be spontaneous and, above all, have the best time with your beloved ones. Certainly, we love weddings, but most of all FUN weddings. The improvisation and spontaneity out of it can truly make your day memorable.

Dancing is pure sharing of happiness and laugh. That’s why you should use it as key part of your agenda;  its without doubt as important as decide the menu. Everyone will make sure to show its best moves.. Improvisation and creativity are welcome, photographers will find the best pose for each one of your guests, and it will be the instant in which you will completely free yourself from all the tensions you had few hours before.

By the way I’ve recently been to the best wedding dinner ever. The schedule was quite interesting:  30 minutes eating, then 30 dancing and so on for the whole dinner.. This active plan was something very special and super fun for everyone. All the guests were happily jumping and having fun together between one dish and the other instead of sitting still. This trend is pretty unique and its quite contagious.. I really wanted to join them and I was smiling with my eyes wide open in front of such a beautiful gathering. It is the perfect solution if you want to make it more fun and interactive!!

Jewish dance


The first dance should be elegant and unforgettable.. but why not also really fun. Improvise, surprise, make it special and meaningful for you. You can make it romantic, beautiful and fun at the same time. Reharse at home and choose a song that speaks the language of your soul. Make official the first dance style to your guests, start with it and surprise them with your favourite steps and song.


The music choice is quite a key part of the night as well. Music will set the mood and here comes the part in which you need to prove how well you know your guests. Select something that you like but that can also entertain well your attendees, go for songs that are good for dancing in group too. Always remember that the aim of dancing is having fun together and celebrate.

Themed wedding dance



Another fun and beautiful idea – is to buy some accessorizes/props and create a  styled  “masquerade” o “themed dance” with your favourite details. Also, don’t forget to prepare a corner with comfy shoes, being them Moroccan slippers or espadrilles – this will help people, especially ladies in loose themselves in the dancefloor.

Wedding entertainment


At last, remember that bodies never lie. When we dance we truly express our inner beauty and soul.