Chic Weddings Capri Weddings: Unique, luxury events

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Chic Weddings Capri Weddings: Unique, luxury events

Capri Weddings – Amalfi Coast, Designer Luxury, beautiful venues & Ocean Breezes

What sounds dreamier than a wedding on the idyllic island of Capri, Italy? Discover the Amalfi Coast and our exclusive venues.

Capri weddings are practically begging to be planned by Chic Weddings, with their trademark luxurious touches that match the look and feel of the island perfectly.

Weddings planning shouldn’t be a chore, it should be part of the adventure. Just like a Capri holiday.

Contact Chic Weddings today to see just how fun it can be.

Capri weddings

Capri is a perfect location for your wedding in Italy

All too often, we equate wedding planning with stress and work. At Chic Weddings, we never want you to think that way. We believe planning your wedding should ultimately be part of the adventure.

How do we make that possible?

Our flexible approach to planning lets you be as involved or uninvolved as you want. We offer the option to do regular Skype or phone calls to discuss details rather than meeting us all the way in Italy in-person. Plus, we know our stuff. You never have to do your own research and we have seen it all; no request is too large or detail is too small.

We don’t just plan an event; we produce it. We don’t just decorate a space, we style each and every element of it. We don’t just oversee your weekend, we orchestrate every aspect of it to ensure no stress lands on you and your family.

Let us take care of you and let the adventure unfold before you, each step of the way.

Capri wedding

With no limitations on venue locations, why choose Capri?

Capri is a small island in Italy’s Bay of Naples. Known for it’s jaw-dropping, rugged cliffs and crystal blue Mediterranean waters that stretch out far in every direction, it is hard to imagine a more picturesque place to exchange sacred vows.

The Italian island has made a name for itself for a number of reasons including designer fashions, 5-star accommodations, perfect villas for weddings, fine dining, white sand beaches, and even adventure tours.

Capri’s famous coves are often dotted with some of the world’s most luxurious yachts and many high-fashion campaigns have been shot on Capri’s natural landscape and beaches.

For centuries, Italians and international visitors alike have flocked to Capri to unwind and reconnect with loved ones in a quiet, idyllic location.

Because of the luxury element that Capri is already home to, the island is practically a wedding venue in itself, inviting you and your guests to dress to impress and soak in the sun all weekend.

Chic Weddings love to host Capri weddings because the natural beauty of the landscape lends itself to be the perfect backdrop of a romantic weekend.

The Chic Weddings story

For over a decade, the Chic Weddings team has been expertly designing wedding celebrations to gain experience that far exceeds any competition. Hosting weddings almost everywhere in Italy – and beyond – there is nothing the Chic Weddings team cannot handle.

Our team has produced luxury events in:

Our founders are Italian born Clara and Eva and are eager to make a loud statement in the private celebrations world. Producing hundreds of events across Italy, there is no better duo to host your event.

Not to be limited to Italy, our team has also explored Bali, Amsterdam, London, Marrakech, Ibiza, and the French Riviera.

Wherever you envision your perfect day, the Chic Weddings team will help you make that vision a reality.

A Chic Weddings event looks something like…

Italian weddings by the sea

…whatever your wildest imagination could possibly dream up.

We value:

  • Unique and unexpected details, like chandeliers hanging outside or a blend of vintage table settings with modern china
  • Seemingly impossible venue locations, straight from a magazine or fairytale
  • Multicultural traditions blended into one amazing party: Chic Weddings is the perfect wedding production service if you are avid travelers or a multicultural couple, for example
  • Unusual concepts, like masks to add to guests’ black tie affair or the absence of a strict color scheme
  • Luxury: Whether it be in the quality of the seating we choose or the fabrics that drape tables, we never skimp of quality for the most important day of your life
  • Bold trends that will leave lasting memories for your guests for years to come
  • Perfectly organized events that leave no room for stress for you and are produced as well as a scene from a movie

We also value trust and confidence with our clients above all else. We want you to feel comfortable with us organizing the most important weekend of you and your partner’s lives. Our strategy is foolproof and our team effortlessly creates an event that will never disappoint.

This means if you aren’t certain you’re ready for BOLD, for FUN, for DIFFERENT, we might not be the best match for your event.

If you aren’t certain you can handle something that will make your guests say “Now THAT I was not expecting!” then we may not be the best match for you.

But If you are ready to be (pleasantly) surprising throughout your wedding planning journey and even up to the day of the event, then you ARE ready.

Luxury Weddings in Capri: A dream for all

At Chic Weddings, we don’t just want you to feel welcomed and enchanted, but your entire guest list and wedding party. Let us construct an event that shows everyone involved what you and your partners love is truly about.

Weddings are an exciting celebration, but all too often planning the event ends up adding stress to your big day. Let us take that off your hands so you can enjoy your last few months of being an unmarried couple, and prepare to take on your next chapter, together.

A wedding is a beautiful thing; Chic Weddings will show you just how beautiful it can be with little to no stress to you. Capri weddings, Venice weddings – even weddings outside of Italy – will always be a gorgeous, enchanting occasion with Chic Weddings private event coordinators.

Contact Chic Weddings to begin your adventure in planning your big day.